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theme updates

Your theme is the backbone of your website. Theme updates are not released as frequently as plugins but should be updated whenever available.


PHP is a server side scripting language that should be updated to the latest version to keep your website secure.


Plugins were designed to assist in website creation, however if not updated and maintained, your website will become vulnerable to the darkside...


Content updates or additions may also be included in your monthly maintenance plan. Websites should have fresh content added at least weekly.

selecting the right plan

would you prefer a plan tha only provides backups and updating to maintain the health of your website, or would you like to have weekly content updates included? You may also pay-as-you-go for updates and fresh content additions.


Per month


Per month


Per month

Frequently asked questions

Updating your theme and plugins are not difficult, most of the time. You may encounter issues if you do not read the provided update information prior to updating. You may also encounter issues if you do not backup your website prior to updating themes or plugins. 

There is no easy answer for this, however if you have backed up your website prior to the attack, you should be able to restore the uninfected backup and correct the issue. Backups are extremely important and should be done properly. Backups include, theme, plugins, the database and content.

The php may be auto updated by your hosting company, provided that you have requested them to do so. While it may be easier to request auto updating the php, you should know that this could cause a multitude of issues, including your website crashing. You should always look for assistance when updating the php on your server.  

Content credits do not rollover and must be used in the month they were billed. I recommend utilizing the pay-as-you-go option if you believe you will not utilize 10 content credits a month.

Absolutely! While it is not recommended to go without having your website backed up and updated, you are always welcome to select the option that is best for you.

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